Fast molecular diagnostics


Cepheid develops, manufactures and markets integrated systems for molecular diagnostic testing. They are specialized within molecular biology field, and provide laboratories with unique instruments that support the best flexibility besides fast and accurate test results.

Cepheid has 2 systems: GeneXpert and Infinity. Both instruments have the same principle, fully integrated real-time PCR system that automates the three processes of extraction, amplification and detection, all-in-one.



GeneXpert system is made up of modules where each module is an independent unique instrument. This gives the possibility of continuously analyzing the samples. A simple, reliable and fast system that provides cost and time savings, for instance in case of unnecessary patient isolation. The GeneXpert system comes in various capacities from 1 to 16 (GX1 to GXXVI). It is possible to determine the number of modules to be installed and used.






Infinity is a fully automated system that up to 48 or 80 modules can be installed. The capacity of the system can be adjusted to over 3800 tests per 24 hours. In addition to the features of the GeneXpert system, Infinity has a STAT function. This means that the samples can be prioritized if necessary. The large capacity of Infinity allows for more efficient allocation of staff and LEAN thinking.




We offer following tests:

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