Our PCR controls are from Vircell and are CE-IVD approved. The quality of both DNA and RNA controls is preserved even after freez/thawing. The Vircell R&D team has long experience in designing, developing and delivering well adapted biological controls to all types of instruments and analyzes. Vircell can also customize new controls/panels to meet your needs. There are 2 categories that contain over 100 different controls:



AmpliRun® DNA/RNA are PCR controls that contain whole genome of microorganisms. Sustainability of these controls are 2 years for DNA contrls and 1 year for RNA controls. These controls give you the possibility to certify effectivness, quality and reliability of your molecular diagnostic methods. Click here to find your controls.



AmpliRun® Total are external controls to monitor the accuracy and precision of the entire analysis process including extraction and amplification steps. These non-infectious lyophilized controls include inactivated microorganisms in a matrix that mimics human material (plasma, swab sticks, sputum, urine, stool, and CSF). These controls are compatible with several platforms such as GeneXpert (Cepheid), BD MAX (Becton Dickinson), Panther (Hologic), osv. Click here to find your controls.


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