Fungal diagnostics





Resistance to anti-fungal drugs has become an important clinical problem, threatening the progress we have made in healthcare over the past 50 years. The last 20 years have seen very little change on how we diagnose fungal infections today. This has led to malpractice and increased medical costs.

New strategies are needed to better treat and diagnose life-threatening fungal infections. The most threatening fungal pathogens are Candida, Aspergillus, Pneumocystis opch and Cryptococcus.

OLMĀ diagnostics is working to address the threat of drug resistance in fungi. Their research and development drive the company’s focus; to strengthen reputation as a trusted healthcare partner and to improve the outcome of patient health

Clinicians can rely on the sensitivity and specificity of the tests to correctly identify true positives and true negatives.


The tests are:

AspDx: A series of tests that offer the ability to detect Aspergillus species to help with rapid and comprehensive diagnostics. The tests are both PCR and LFD based

CandDx: A series of tests that offer the ability to detect Candida species (including C auris) to help the clinician with a more reliable diagnostic and treatment approach. The tests are both PCR and LFD based

PneumDx: Possibility of detecting Pneumocystis jirovecii, a common cause of pneumonia and other respiratory infections. PCR based test.