CLIA serology


VirClia® offers the ultimate solution for full automation av serological tests by its widest panel within infectious diseases. Click here to check the available tests.

All tests are validated and CE-approved. Besides each monotest has its own calibrator and negative control which means quality control for each individual analysis. The method behind the instrument is indirect chemiluminescent immunoanalysis (CLIA) with a new technology that gives higher specificity to the tests.



VirClia is a powerful automated system that has real-time process monitoring and remote diagnostics.
It has built-in barcode reader and intelligent racks for automatic sample management.

Capacity: 24 monotests per run

Size: 64cm x 57cm x 45cm




VirClia Lotus is the newest tabletop model of CLIA-system and has random access, continuous loading and STAT function in addition to those parameters VirClia has.

Capacity: 40 monotests

Size: 77cm x 77cm x 60cm



VirClia Plus supports automation, high capacity and full flexibility to the laboratories.

Capacity: 216 monotests

Size: 145cm x 78cm x 112cm